The technicians that performed the service for us here at Sunnen did a fantastic job. They were thorough and pleasant to work with.

- Greg Hanks, Sunnen Products Company

Very impressed! Not only did they do a great job cleaning, they came out the same day trash was picked up (instead of the next day) AND they put the trash cans back against the house! Will definitely use them again!

- Ellen

What a difference they made! I saw their truck at my neighbors and called to see if they could sneak me in since I’d been meaning to call. He came right over and washed my filthy smelly trash cans. Now I can put them back in my garage!

- Danielle

Awesome service! I’m guilty of emptying the vacuum directly in the outdoor can (who wants that dust back inside?!), but something is always leaking in the trash cans. . . I’ve tried cleaning the garbage cans myself, but they still smelled terrible and never looked this good. Looking forward to quarterly cleaning and a less stinky garage.

- Jess

The entire process was easy and very efficient. The work was amazing! I just used them for the first time and will definitely use them again. I realize it’s trash cans but the bacteria and bugs that can occur because of the stuff that is left in these canisters is significant. They left my cans cleaned, sanitized, and even smelling great. I cannot recommend them enough!

- Sabrina

3 dogs and use to have 2 babies, now one is out of diapers, but I used to shutter to toss the trash. Also my recycle can smelled like 3 day old beer. Now I strut to the trash cans! Love this service!

- Steve

Signed up for the quarterly plan and came today for the first time and I am so impressed. Our disgusting, “hold your breath to open the lid” trash can actually smells GOOD! And our garage smells better than it may ever have! Great job! And the fact that even though our trash service didn’t pick up as usual and you just automatically rescheduled for the next day was awesome!

- Erin

Love this service!

- Phoebe

I can attest that it does a spectacular job! My recycle smelled like Tony’s downstairs disco! Now it’s fresh and spotless!

- Steve